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Scam Alert! Beware: Counterfeit checks and letters on forged letterhead

A scam has been reported involving fictitious checks and letters with pirated names and logos from Chase Bank, Bravo Constuction, and PHG Retail Services. The mailing includes a forged check which will bounce if deposited.

Law enforcement and staff are investigating. It may be the perpetrators are luring victims into sending back a portion of the payment before their bank notifies them the check is fake. The name "P Walker" appears in some correspondence; their may be a tie-in with Linked-In or AOL email accounts.

What you need to know

  • Don't deposit checks from PHG Retail Services unless you are sure it came from our company.
  • Do not send money to anyone posing as a PHG representative without proper identification. PHG customers always receive proper invoices.
  • If you need to confirm the authenticity of any correspondence, please forward a copy to
    What to do if you are the victim of this fraud.
  • Call your local law enforcement immediately.

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